Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pink for days....

Whew! I apologize if you are getting tired of the parade of pink hats on my instagram/facebook (links in sidebar if you want to follow), but I have been a pink-knitting machine lately!!!

I was surprised to see post-march there is still a high demand for the kitty hats (AKA "pussy hats"). I put up a knit-to-order listing for the first time, and all 5 spots were taken by the end of that day! WOW! Luckily since I am holding yarn double (or using bulky), they have been knitting up fast, but still.... I felt a little panicked there for a minute. Silly of me, but it all worked out fine and everyone's hat was shipped off successfully! Whew!

My 6 year old decided to be a kitty cat the other night too. She even had a rainbow boa tail!

So anyways, I am going to be listing some already-knit hats hopefully by Monday night, if anyone is looking to get one. Right now I have a pink one, a marled light-dark pink one, and working on a purple one too! (I mean a girl can only take so much pink....)

Looking forward to taking a break from pink and knitting up some fingerless gloves next... so keep your eyes peeled for those next weekend! Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!

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