Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gifting a WIP?

Have you ever gifted someone a work-in-progress? Meaning, you took something you were knitting and wrapped it up, with it unfinished and still on the needles?

I'm just asking for a friend. Ahem. On a totally unrelated note, my mom's birthday is friday and I'm knitting her a sweater. Ahem.

Man time seems to have flown this past couple months! Ha. To be fair, I put it aside to work on 5 other things, but... oh well. Two cute things I made were dishcloths for my good friend who is moving to Texas. I made her two cloths so she had one to remind her of home and one to celebrate her new home state. Erin if you read this I hope you guys arrived safely!!! :)

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Diana said...

Those state potholders are so cute!