Friday, June 13, 2014


Um, hello? Oops I kind of got away from blogging there for awhile! Anyone still out there? :)

Jessica challenged me to blog this month so here I am! I'm not going to try and catch up everything I've knit because ... zzz. Lazy! Too much other internets to look at! Etc. You understand I'm sure. Thanks for being so nice.

My cousin asked if I could knit a stuffed cow for her friend who's having a baby. I haven't done a commission project in awhile so I jumped at the chance to do it! I must say this is the first time I have ever knit an udder. Ha!!!

Pattern: Milk Cow
Yarn: Premier Yarns Everyday Soft Worsted (needed something easy care, its for a baby!)

Hope everyone is enjoying spring (and almost summer!) and having nice weather! Today was sunny but with awesome cool breezes and we had a blast at the park this morning. By the way, my kids are getting HUGE! Who are these big guys??? (Watching daddy mow is the best!)


Jessica Myers said...

Udderly cute. I had to!!

I like the kidlings watching Greg! So sweet.

Anna said...

Thank you so much!! I can't wait to give it to the mother-to-be!

diana said...

That's adorable!