Friday, May 24, 2013

Remember these?

You may remember the sweater I had tried to make for my poor nephew. You know, the kind-hearted 6 year old who had to open up his present of a sweater on the needles at Christmas????? Seriously. Sorry kiddo, your Auntie dropped the ball! Luckily for him, his mom took the poor sweater from me and gave it to her awesome friend Courtney (she's amazing). Courtney did what I should have done in the first place, which was ignore the pattern and make up my own yoke shaping! Doesn't my nephew look handsome???

Thanks again Courtney!

You also may recall that I was knitting a baby blanket for my little man. Or maybe I never blogged about it since I can't find anything! Well, my SIL and I have a tradition of jointly  knitting  blankets for our kids.

From clicking those links you will see I couldn't find a FO pic of the blanket we made for Norah (sheesh). Here it is if I never posted it!

We knew we had to make something for my little guy who showed up in January. I had got this book as a gift and thought the baby blanket would work out well for breaking into parts we could each work on. I made 3 triangles and my SIL made the 4th and then did the tough work of seaming it together and doing the border! Thanks so much Mare!

Pattern: "blanket"
Yarn: Vanna's Choice (had to go washable!)

I think Walden likes it!

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